What Jeni & Matt saw!

What Jeni & Matt saw…

Part of the idea of writing this reflective blog was to be sure that when Kira & Bethany asked me questions about the country they were born in, or what their first few years of their life were like, I had a journal that they could read or I could use to help me explain and retain the memories. I want them to listen to our stories and be curious. I want them to read some posts and feel connected. But mostly I want them to read or listen and want to come and visit this amazing country that they were born in. Whether this happens at the age of 8 or 18 is not important but on Jeni’s visit here this time she wrote a little note to herself of everything that happened each day. Her list was so long and was amazing to read each night together and we realized just how much happens in a short space of time with two toddlers! I have pasted the edited version of it below as it is a great example of ‘the little things’ that we all too often miss, in the business and craziness of the day. Thanks Jeni & Matt!

What Jeni & Matt saw…

Hugs from Kira
Dimply smiles from Beth
Getting carefully drawn on
Yummy pancakes
Sharing a mango frappe with Kira
“That’s hilarious”
Uncle Jeni
Nap with Kira
Post-bath Beth snuggles
“Sealion” otters
Monkeys, Toucans, bubbles & slide
The park
Waiting for cockadoodledoo
Hide & seek
Packing up the house
Rain on the tarp downstairs
Loud birds, out of sight
Planes landing below us
Girls not phased by helicopters
Beth & Kira ride Jeni
Angry little ones
Beth overnight “juice” demands
Playing we’ve been naughty
Peace, wonderful balance
Flying game
Stickers (Owl)
PJ party
Kira writing her name
Letting go of “stuff”
Dancing our butts off
Gangnam style
Kira’s bootcamp
Matching Manchester
Swimming at school
When You’re Smiling

Venezuelan soccer kit

Dancing in the park
Kira’s bird
Piggy back races
See you in the computer
Bracelets like mummy
New sticker books
Reading Spanish stories
Sleeping beauties
Very hand-made dolls and horses

End of an era, start of a chapter

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