Moving off “The Street”

For all intents and purposes we were planning to leave in June 2011 after our fourth year and so when we were first asked us to move off ‘the street’ and make space for newbies I was adamant that I didn’t even want to be tempted. Kerri persuaded me to come and look and she wanted to move away and so I figured if she was going then we could too and so we went together. As soon as the front door opened though I was sold and though i might have to fight Kerri for it!

It was an amazing new apartment with a garden and view, a kitchen to die for and a master suite that was as luxurious as anyone could hope for. I talked it through with Ian that night and not really convinced he went to see it the following day; he came back beaming as much as I did! I loved the freedom and thought of being able to open our door and just sit in the garden and even more I started to like the idea of being out of the bubble and having a bit more privacy, even if it meant a longer commute than the 3 minute walk up until now. (talking a 15 minute commute!) In addition, Kira was so happy with our nanny Velma who had started working for us in March 2011 and it was so easy here in a practical way. In hindsight we probably have stayed a year too long but at the time the reality of trying to pack up and move, try and find a new job in a new country and city, make new friends, trust another nanny with my baby like I trust Velma. It was all just too much happening at once.  And so we were sold and decided then that a move up the hill was our move of the year and we would re-sign contracts again. That was when we knew we would be staying the full 6 years.

And thank-goodness we did! I found out I was pregnant again at the start of our 4th year and we could not have been any happier in our new place. Ian painted Kira’s bedroom with butterflies and Bethany’s nursery with jungle animals. We felt like we had a proper home and made it our own. The kitchen was large and has made cooking so enjoyable space to prepare meals and spend time together and hang out with friends while cooking. I vowed to learn to cook and bake when on maternity leave – with a kitchen like that I didn’t really have an excuse! And thankfully it was a promise I lived up to and started to really enjoy. Our burst out of the Calle la Cinta bubble and move up the hill was certainly a success… and our fourth year was off to a great start!

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